I was born on December 13,1944 in Pozanti, which is a small town in Adana. Due to occupation of my father as an army colonel . I had to complete my elementary school education in different parts of Turkey

After graduation from high school I was enrolled in Ankara University Faculty of Law for three years and later changed into Ankara University Academy of Economics and Public Relations and Journalism where I have graduated.

I am married and father of 35 years old son and daughter of 33 years. I can speak, read and write good English and average German.
I am familiar with Computer systems and Lotus, Excel, DBASE and Word and Word Perfect. Programs.

My work experience is as follows:

    1. 1965 1967 Esenboga Airport AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLER (ICAO licensed) at DHMI (Directory of state Airports). Licence Nr.121
      Field of activity: Controlling all air traffic within the authorised area.
      Reason for leaving: Military Service
    2. 1967 – 1969 Military Service Ankara Turkish Air Force
    3. 1969 – 1970 Turkish Airlines Ankara Esenboga Airport Communication Supervisor.
    4. 1970 – 1979 ICAO licensed Aircraft and Flight Operation Officer (Aircraft Dispatcher) Turkish Airlines ICAO Licence Nr.21
      Field of activity: Deciding and controlling safest and most economical flight operation. Utilise the aircraft capacity. Monitoring ground operation duties and controlling traffic services.
    5. 1979 – 1982 Turkish Airlines Station Manager Zurich Kloten Airport.
      Field of activity: Ensuring most economical and safest operation of Turkish Airlines flights to from Zurich, coordina¬tion with the local carrier and the handling agency, supervising services obtained from the handling agency as well as represent¬ing company in meetings such as A.O.C. keeping all statistical, budget and other administrative records. Keeping and actioning reports, planning and organising staff duties, station needs and customer relations at the airport as well as promoting more sales for company.
    6. April/June 1982 Establishing and representing Turkish Airlines Town and station offices in Cairo Egypt (eight weeks)
    7. 1982 – 1985 Turkish Airlines District Manager Dusseldorf Germany
      Field of activity: Covering sales activities of Turkish Airlines passengers and cargo in the area, planning organising, controlling of all activities. Supervising town office functions including accounting, Supervising and control¬ling station manager and all operation functions, keeping in good relations with agencies and other airlines and representing company at the best level.
    8. Jan June 1985 Turkish Airlines Istanbul Chief Operation Controller
      Field of activity: Controlling overall operational matters of Turkish Airlines network during 48 hours period.
    9. June 1985 – 1987 Swissair Senior Sales Representative Istanbul Turkey
      Field of activity: Covering all sales activities (passenger and cargo) of Swissair Istanbul, analysing market and promoting company products.
    10. 1987 – 1989 Vice President Marketing and Sales Torosair
      Field of activity: Establishing a charter airline, organising outside sales offices and controlling all functions. Arranging all contracts and leasing agreements.
    11. 1989 – 1992 Commercial Director Europe Nobleair UK ltd
      Field of activity: Establishing an airline and organise and controlling relevant functions.
    12. 1992 – 1994 Joint Managing Director Saarland Airlines Germany
      Field of activity: Establishing airline according JAA rules and controlling all sales and planning functions.
    13. 1996 – 1998 Quality Manager and Consultant GTI Airlines Turkey
      Field of activity: Implementing Quality system and functions arranging negotiations and finalising aircraft lease and all commercial agreements and acting as vice chairman.
    14. 1999 – 2000 Managing Director Air Rose Antalya Turkey
      Establishing airline according to the JAA rules and controlling all sales and planning functions.
    15. 2001 – Executive Vice President and Managing Director Sky Airlines Antalya-Turkey
      Establishing airline according to the JAA rules and controlling all sales and planning functions.
    16. 2007 – Chairman Consultant Sky Airlines Antalya-Turkey